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BMW, Audi, Mercedes Finish Purchase of Nokia's Mapmaker

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BMW, Audi, Mercedes Finish Purchase of Nokia’s Mapmaker


No one will laugh at you for majoring in cartography anymore. Well, maybe not everyone. — Aaron

Daimler AG, Audi and BMW announced Friday that the trio had completed its purchase of Nokias mapmaking business, HERE, which the trio announced they were seeking to purchase in August.

The companies didnt specify details about the transaction, and said they would announce more about their purchase on Monday. In August, the companies announced they were purchasing the mapmaking business, which provides cloud-based maps and data for more than 200 countries, to further develop swarm technology that could allow cars to communicate with each other.

”HERE will be able to offer users a continuously improving product, bringing highly automated driving and location based services a step further. As the volume of anonymized data from the vehicles increases, services will become more convenient, more connected and further tailored to the users’ individual requirements,” the automakers said in August.

The business will operate independently of the automakers, and Audi, BMW and Daimler say theyll own equal stakes of the company.

The mapmaking company could enable the automakers to develop further autonomous technologies that could help with self-driving cars.

Or it track your car wherever you go. You choose what you want to believe.

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    October 8, 2011 at 8:43 am — Reply

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