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Volkswagen CEO Outlines Plan To Save Automaker

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Volkswagen CEO Outlines Plan To Save Automaker


Speaking for the first time as Volkswagen chief, newly hired CEO Matthias Müller outlined his plan for the automakers future in the wake of a growing scandal for its illegally polluting cars.

Müllers five-point plan includes a significant overhaul of the automakers plan to be the worlds largest automaker by 2018. According to Volkswagen, its Strategy 2025 plan — which replaces the Strategy 2018 outline — will be unveiled next year. In its earlier plan, Volkswagen had prioritized 10 million sales by 2018, 8-percent profitability and to position the automaker as a global economic and environmental leader, according to the automakers plan.

Müllers five-point plan began with the automakers solution for its diesel scandal, which affects more than 11 million cars worldwide. The CEO said Volkswagen would work with German transportation authorities to develop effective technical solutions that would begin in January. Müllers plan didnt specifically outline how those cars would be fixed.

The plan also specifically highlighted changes to its structure, including a comprehensive investigation into how software designed to cheat emissions tests made its way into millions of cars. Müller said the company would decentralize and offer more autonomy for regions and brands in their developments and that the automaker would evaluate its massive portfolio of brands, including Lamborghini, Bentley, Bugatti and Ducati.

We will review in detail our current portfolio of more than 300 models and examine the contribution that each one makes to our earnings, Müller said in a statement.

Going forward, Müller said the company would be more open and transparent in its operation, including how it plans on growing after spending billions to recall and fix its cars — just as long as youre not looking for details right now.

We need a culture of openness and cooperation, Müller said in a statement.

The automaker also announced Tuesday that it had lost $1.9 billion in third-quarter revenues, mostly due to its defective diesel cars, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Müllers five-point plan, in brief:

• Assumption
• Investigation
• Reorganization
• Behavior modification
• Lets 86 Our Aspiration

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