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Rezvani Beast X Has 700-Hp, Weighs 1850 Pounds

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Rezvani Beast X Has 700-Hp, Weighs 1850 Pounds

Built on the bones of an Ariel Atom, the Rezvani Beast Speedster is a 1700-pound and 300-hp topless bare minimum sports car. Now, Rezvani unveiled something even bigger and nastier: the Rezvani Beast X. Well, not that much bigger. Only 150 pounds. But certainly nastier—the Beast X more than doubles the power output of the Beast Speedster. It makes the additional power through the use of two Borg Warner turbos, and sends it straight to the rear wheels. It comes standard with a manual gearbox, but Rezvani will swap that out for a sequential if the customer just cant handle three pedals. Rezvani hasnt yet released technical specs on the Beast X, but were willing to bet that its quite a bit faster than the Beast Speedster. Its gonna be fast. And how many customers will there be, you ask? Just five, because thats how many Beast Xs Rezvani will make. Each will cost $325,000, and the owners will “gain free access to a number of tracks around the country,” according to the press release. But, as most people probably arent going to be driving the Beast X exclusively at the track, Rezvani also assures us that the Beast X is perfectly street legal. But that doesnt mean itll be comfortable. At all.  Would you actually care? We didnt think so.

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