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Dodge Installing 12.1-inch Touchscreen on Police Vehicles

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Dodge Installing 12.1-inch Touchscreen on Police Vehicles

2016 Dodge Charger Pursuit’s all-new and segment’s largest U

Dodge announced for its Charger Pursuit cars Friday an available 12.1-inch Uconnect touchscreen, which is five times larger than its 5-inch model available in some of its cars.

The 12.1-inch screen — which is only available on Charger cars for police for now — is meant to eliminate mounted laptops in the front seats of many police vehicles. The screen can be connected to a laptop in the trunk via ethernet cord, and can display functions such as lights, sirens, forward-mounted cameras and radio information.

In addition to the massive Uconnect screen, Dodge sells the Charger with a V-8 and all-wheel drive only to police fleets, complete with steering column-mounted shifter.

Police fleet sales comprise a substantial part of overall sales of large sedans. Automakers dont disclose overall costs of their police cars, however the California Highway Patrol recently paid $30,000 per Ford Taurus-based Interceptor it recently purchased, according to the LA Times.

In 2014, Dodge sold more than 10,000 of its Charger Pursuit cars according to the report.

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