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Chrysler muscles in on United kingdom market

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Chrysler muscles in on United kingdom market

A United States muscle vehicle invasion from the United kingdom looks likely within the next 18 several weeks. The Dodge SRT-10 Coupé (referred to as Viper in america), Chrysler’s 425bhp 300C SRT-8 the 300C estate as well as the Firepower concept could all obtain a United kingdom launch as Chrysler seeks to construct on the growing status.

Chrysler Group marketing and advertising boss Thomas Hausch told Autocar that although your final decision around the Viper coupé hadn’t yet occurred, ‘it wouldn’t take much’ for this to follow along with within the tracks from the £77,500 drop-top Viper which was launched within the United kingdom late this past year. The United kingdom also needs to obtain the 300C SRT-8, a 6.1-litre form of the large saloon. The conventional vehicle isn’t launched within the United kingdom until October, but there aren’t any engineering problems in getting the super-quick V8 range-topper to United kingdom showrooms. The large 300C Touring was discounted from right-hands drive markets because countries for example Australia and Nigeria don’t get this amazing interest in estates, but Chrysler has been doing an about- turn and also the Touring should follow its saloon brother or sister in the year 2006. The Viper-based Firepower concept (below) can also be edging nearer to a production decision. Meanwhile, momentum keeps growing in front of Chrysler sister brand Dodge’s big launch in to the United kingdom next spring. Parent company DaimlerChrysler has says there’ll a four-model range in showrooms through the finish of 2007, including Focus and Mondeo rivals along with the SRT-10.

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