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eighty years from the Autocar road test

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eighty years from the Autocar road test

You will find benefits of being old. If you are a pensioner, you are able to turf healthy youthful whipper-snappers from their seats on trains and buses. You will get away with stuff easier: momentary lapses of memory or concentration, dubious individual hygiene and so on. And also you get compensated £87.30 per week for located on your wrinkly posterior, consuming tea and complaining concerning the weather.

If you are a vehicle magazine, the benefits of surviving to some ripe senior years are greater – and there’s none over the age of us. For this reason, in addition to getting all of you the latest road tests and first drives before other people, we are able to offer an increasing choice of road tests direct from your archive for your computer screens.

We’ve just researched classic tests on the kind of the Aston Martin DB7 Vantage, the Jaguar E-type V12, the BMW 2002Tii, and also the Ferrari Testarossa. Actually, the entire listing of them available these days on Autocar.co.united kingdom is below: you will find 118 right now, and we’re uploading news ones each week, so keep close track of their list because it grows.

Now, where are individuals rose-tinted spectacles?


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