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Steam to help keep cars neat and eco-friendly

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Steam to help keep cars neat and eco-friendly

Tired of getting a grimy vehicle, but shouldn’t break the hosepipe ban? Engineers at Mira have think of a novel solution – the vehicle dishwasher.

To not be mistaken with the standard drive-through carwash at the local garage, Mira’s vehicle wash is really a tent that may be erected in your front yard, and that they reckon might be being used by 2020.

An electrical blower inflates the tent, then your same unit generates an excellent spray water and steam to wash the vehicle. Since the tent is self-contained, all of the water used could be recycled, and it is inventors claim it uses four litres rather of the standard vehicle wash’s 135.

It’s a pleasant idea, but for the moment, we’ll stay with a bucket and sponge.


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