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Lifted Jeep Cherokee Dakar – Automotive Design

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Lifted Jeep Cherokee Dakar – Automotive Design

Many people went just a little nuts once they heard the brand new KL Jeep Cherokee cant be lifted. Let alone the truth that the majority of individuals people dont own one and arent thinking about buying one. It had been apparently a principle factor-Jeeps ought to be liftable! Look At This: 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT To demonstrate the naysayers wrong, Jeep built a lifted 2014 Cherokee. Certainly one of six concepts showcased for that 2014 Moab Easter time Jeep Safari, the Cherokee Dakar sits a couple of inches greater than the usual stock model. Its a genuine factor, and that i reached drive it now in Utah. I found that the entire process of building it explains the reason why you will not be seeing many lifted Cherokees in the near future. First, dont refer to this as a good start package. Its really a completely new suspension. The vehicle-based Cherokee has struts in advance, also it isnt made with the camber adjustability thats needed to pay for any lift. (You cannot, and wouldnt wish to, lift a Dodge Dart or Chrysler 200.) Find Out More: Last Years Jeep Easter time Safari Moab Concepts The idea setup uses Fox coil-overs front and back with one-off mounts (the shocks are off-the-shelf units, essentially those that fit). You will find new custom halfshafts with U-joints whatsoever four corners to support the lift. And also to obvious the 33-inch tires Jeep placed on, the Dakar concepts fenders were cut and new, wider flares were added. Thats lots of parts and lots of work to undergo, and it is and not the secure-on solution that Jeep or Mopar may wish to sell you. Again, not really a lift package, however it produces a lifted Cherokee. But yes, its likely to lift a brand new Cherokee. As youd expect, it removed obstacles that will, at least, scrape the skid plates on the Cherokee Trailhawk. Which would be a good factor for me personally, because when I crawled the Dakar concept over jagged rocks, I requested the engineer riding shotgun just how much the factor was worth. “Around 200 grand in parts,” was his reply. So, excluding man-hrs for design or even the build. I drove just a little slower there after. FIRST DRIVE: 2014 Jeep Cherokee A Cherokee Trailhawk are designed for some respectable obstacles, using its primary impediment being ground clearance. A lifted version solves that but becomes prohibitively costly. To anybody searching for any liftable Jeep: The Wrangler still exists. And it is more capable available form than the usual lifted Cherokee could be, anyway. And it is cheaper. Plus, Mopar is adding a next-to-factory-installed 2-inch lift for that Wrangler. Jeep acknowledges there will not be a really large marketplace for lifted KLs, so its most likely not likely to offer one. But a minimum of now that we know its likely. Oh, and expect exactly the same non-liftability around the new Renegade. Look At This: So, exactly what do we consider the 2014 Jeep Cherokee?

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