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Ford C-Max versus. Toyota Prius: Ford Wins, But Nobody Heeds My C-Max Recommendation

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Ford C-Max versus. Toyota Prius: Ford Wins, But Nobody Heeds My C-Max Recommendation

2016 Ford C-Max Hybrid SE

The overwhelming most of mileage I accrued in manufacturer-provided test cars in May was put in direct hybrid rivals from Ford and Toyota.

The 2016 Ford C-Max SE, Ford’s base model, visited for just one week. Then carrying out a stretch within the 2016 Volkswagen Golf R, basics form of Toyota’s new, 4th-generation Prius was delivered to have an extended stretch.

I’ll go ahead and take C-Max, thanks.

Scratch that. I’ll go ahead and take Golf R.

But when left to choose from the dedicated hybrids from Ford and Toyota, the C-Max may be the one Id have. How come vehicle buyers plug their ears once they hear this type of recommendation?

Before we cope with why none of them from the personal connections with whom I made the suggestion ever purchased or leased a C-Max, or the truth that the American vehicle buyers are five occasions more prone to get a Prius compared to C-Max, consider a number of explanations why the C-Max is really an excellent pick.

2016 Toyota Prius


You are able to sense Ford’s interactive Global C platform underneath the C-Max immediately. True, the C-Max’s limits aren’t top Michelin Money Saver A/S tires aren’t inherited in the Focus RS, it isn’t that sort of vehicle – the steering is lively and direct, quality of ride is great, and there’s lots of torque to squirt you out of trouble of corners.

Nearly 4 years after its launch, the 2016 C-Max looks frumpier than ever before. Besides which, it’s an economy-minded hybrid that loves in which to stay EV mode. The C-Max is really a decidedly driver-friendly vehicle, a vehicle which might not beg to become tossed lower a twisty road but nonetheless shines whenever you request swifter progress.


The C-Max offers an appropriate setting for that driver – exactly the same can’t be stated from the base Prius, using its unsupportive seats and poor visibility the back.

The most recent Prius, admittedly having a roomier rear seat, makes great strides in refinement. However the C-Max had been there: quiet, vibration-free, with a consistently smooth powertrain.


Beyond its on-road appeal and superior driving atmosphere, the Ford C-Max presently shines due to Ford’s aggressive U.S. prices model. $4,500 price of incentives drops the C-Max SE’s base cost to $20,545, destination incorporated. Dealer may cost less.

The Prius’s base cost is $25,095, despite the fact that you will find low-interest finance rates available, the cost gap is certainly not to sneeze at.

Yet as the C-Max is definitely an engaging on-road companion, is clearly much more comfortable compared to Toyota, and it is now spectacularly affordable, you will find apparent difficulties with nowhere Oblong Prius alternative.


Our fundamental Ford Canada-provided C-Max tester doesn’t just lack keyless closeness access and pushbutton start, the important thing doesn’t even fold. “Here,” Ford states, “Go ahead and stick a knife lower your pants.” That’s just a good example of the amount that the Ford C-Max, introduced this year, feels behind the occasions when it comes to tech. There isn’t any backup camera only at that cost point no touchscreen to talk of.

The Prius interior is filled with graphics and meters and minders and buzzers and beepers – a few of which are admittedly beyond frustrating – that feel more 2020 than 2012.


The C-Max’s cargo box, impinged upon with a battery power, is awfully small for any vehicle that appears just like a small-MPV. Formally, Ford puts the C-Max’s cargo volume on componen using the Prius’s.

Used, the form isn’t remotely as favorable to swallowing strollers, suitcases, and various detritus as our Prius tester did for any 500-mile round-trip to Prince Edward Island and back. It could have been possible within the C-Max, however it will be a discomfort.


For eco-friendly vehicle consumers, obviously, the Prius’s superior fuel efficiency is a huge factor. It shouldn’t be – the dollar variations once the mpg figures rise this high aren’t everything significant unless of course you commute between La and Bay Area. However the Prius includes a combined Environmental protection agency mpg rating of 52 mpg, an amount we easily beat during the period of greater than 700 miles having a 57 mpg result.

The C-Max’s figures, initially maligned and altered, now rest at 40 mpg. We did 47 mpg inside a C-Max in 2013 47 mpg again recently. (We made no tries to maximize gas mileage either in the C-Max or even the Prius, but conditions that have been neither hot nor cold and routes which clearly favored efficiency created impressive results.)

Possibly more to the point, the Prius is just the apparent choice. It’s the Toyota Camry of dedicated hybrids the Lexus RX of eco-friendly family cars. It’s the apparent choice. The Prius was here first, it’s legendarily reliable, it had been more effective first, and it is still more effective inside a game where gas mileage figures would be the game.

Meh, the $11 per 1,000 miles* Prius fuel savings aren’t enough to alter my thoughts, not once the Toyota’s seats irritate my spine, not when the Prius is constantly on the insist upon detached and appliance-like transportation, not when the Prius costs substantially more income out of the door.

So C-Max Hybrid it’s. Or perhaps is the plug-in C-Max Energi, laden with nearly $10,000 in incentives, the correct choice?

* According to our real-world week-lengthy tests and $2.50/gallon for normal fuel.

Timothy Cain may be the founding father of GoodCarBadCar.internet, which obsesses within the free and frequent publication of U.S. and Canadian auto sales figures. Follow on Twitter @goodcarbadcar as well as on Facebook.


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